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Montco Pikes: A Vision Plan For Six County Corridors

Montco Pikes Final Report Now Available
The Montco Pikes study has been completed and is now available. We appreciate the feedback we received from our municipalities and the general public throughout the process. Information from the study project is retained below for archival purposes.

Montgomery County owns 75 miles of roadways throughout the county. Many date to colonial times and began as private turnpikes. As part of the new Montco Pikes project, the county will be taking a closer look at six main corridors to ensure these roadways will support twenty-first century lifestyles. Easton Road, Butler Pike, Germantown Pike, Sumneytown Pike, Geryville Pike, and Swamp Pike will be studied to establish an overall vision for the future of each roadway.

The Montgomery County Planning Commission is overseeing this effort with technical support from the consultant team led by McMahon Associates, Inc. and Gannett Fleming, Inc. The $300,000 study is being funded by federal transportation funds through a partnership between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

The study will present a long-term vision for each corridor in terms of overall character and function. It will provide guidance for where additional travel lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, and other types of improvements might be appropriate, as well as where there are significant safety issues or environmental constraints that need to be considered.  

Additional design and engineering will be required before any improvements can be constructed, and improvements will likely be implemented in a phased approach over time, based on needs and available resources. The Montco Pikes project is an important first step in planning for the future transportation needs along these county corridors.

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For questions about the project, please contact Matthew Edmond, MCPC Transportation Section Chief, at

Montco Pikes: A Vision Plan for 6 County Roads

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