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2020 Planning Advocate Award Entry Form

  1. 2020 MC Call for Entries Masthead 867x287

  2. We look forward to your nomination for a 2020 Planning Advocate Award. Please submit this entry form by June 1. Contact Pattie E. B. Guttenplan, RLA, AICP at 610.278.3972 or if you have any questions.



  5. Nominee

    (If nominating an individual)

  6. Organization, Group, Board

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  9. Step 1 - Submit Entry Form

  10. Prior to submitting your form, you have the option of providing your e-mail address. We recommend you give your address to receive a copy of your completed entry form. You also have an option to print the form.

  11. Step 2 - Submit Supporting Materials

  12. We require two letters of support.

  13. Electronic Entries

  14. If you would like to submit digital images (high-quality JPEG for print) or marketing brochures/materials (pdf), e-mail them to Please keep in mind that the county e-mail system cannot accept files over 9 MB. When e-mailing multiple images, include the nominee's name in the subject line as well as an indication of how many separate e-mails you are sending (i.e., 1 of 6). As an alternative, you may mail your electronic items on a disc to the address listed below.

  15. Mail Entries

  16. Please mail photographs and marketing brochures/materials to this address:

  17. Montgomery County Planning Commission
    P.O. Box 311
    Norristown, PA 19404-0311

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