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2020 County Transportation Program - Grant Application Form

  1. Cars on road

  2. Please complete this application form and attach the PDF of supporting documentation, then choose the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

  3. Applicant and Contact Information

  4. Funding Request Information

  5. Has this project, or a related project, previously received county funding? *

  6. Project Narrative

    A project narrative, including maps, plans, photos, and other attachments must be uploaded. The narrative must include the information listed below in a numbered report that follows the order outlined. This completed form and all attachments should be grouped into a single PDF file no larger than 15 MB and given a name in the following format: “(municipal name)_(project name)_CTP2020.pdf”

  7. 1. Provide a complete narrative description of the project and its expected benefits. As part of this description, address the following points, which will be used to review and score projects:

            a. Project Impact – Describe the extent of the project’s benefit, transformative ability, longevity, and visibility to the general public.

            b. County Planning Consistency – Discuss the project’s compatibility with Montco 2040, its location in a municipality with a county planning assistance contract (if applicable), and its proximity or connection to other county-owned assets.

            c. Local Planning Consistency – Discuss the project’s compatibility with local comprehensive plans, individual transportation project plans/studies, or Act 209 Transportation Impact Fee studies.

            d. Project Readiness – Describe the project’s status towards implementation, including whether design and engineering work are completed, all necessary permits and clearances have been obtained, and whether any other agencies have been contacted for coordination work.

            e. Funding – List the received funding amount from PennDOT, the committed municipal match amount, and whether the municipality has an Act 209 transportation impact fee ordinance in effect.

    2. Include a map and photos of the project location(s) and the project municipality. The map should be on an 8½ by 11 inch page. Photos are very useful in conveying the location and context of the proposed improvement.

    3. Include any relevant information regarding the facilities where the project will be implemented, such as traffic counts for impacted roadways, age of traffic signals, and/or availability of nearby fiber interconnections.

    4. Current engineering plans for the project, if available. Plans should be reduced to fit on an 8½ by 11 inch page; full sized plans may be submitted as an addendum.

    5. A list and explanation of any parties responsible for implementing the project.

    6. An explanation of permits needed and their status.

    7. A description of public outreach to date on this project, including any letters of support.

    8. A detailed maintenance plan for the project including frequency, cost, and how it will be funded.

    9. Discuss the municipality’s plans for the local match savings created by this grant.

    10. If necessary, expand on the timeline submitted as part of the online form. Explanations and details are appreciated.

    11. A resolution from the municipal governing body authorizing the project application.

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