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Mont Co Trail Challenge - PARTICIPATION

  1. Instructions

    Please fill out the information below and submit your form. Include all household members who participated in the Trail Challenge. If you have questions about the form, please email

  2. Household Members

    Participant 1

  3. Participant 2

  4. Participant 3

  5. Participant 4

  6. Participant 5

  7. Participant 6

  8. Number of Dogs Completing the Trail Challenge

    Dog 1

  9. Dog 2

  10. Dog 3

  11. Instructions

    Click on the Symbol box next to each trail you visited during the Trail Challenge and choose the symbol found at the trailhead. Remember to include the names of the two additional parks, trails, or historic sites visited. Once achievement levels are reached your prizes will be mailed.

  12. Trail Name


  13. Trail Name

    Audubon Loop

  14. Trail Name

    Chester Valley

  15. Trail Name

    Cynwyd Heritage Trail

  16. Trail Name

    Green Lane Park

  17. Trail Name

    Norristown Farm Park

  18. Trail Name


  19. Trail Name


  20. Trail Name


  21. Trail Name


  22. Trail Name

    Schuylkill River Trail

  23. Trail Name

    Schuylkill River Tow Path

  24. Trail Name

    Wissahickon Green Ribbon


    Thank you for participating in the Montco Trail Challenge. Please check back often for other fun activities to Get Out and Go!

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