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1. When are ballots being mailed to people who applied to vote by mail?
2. Why isn’t the Mail-In Ballot Status Tracker showing that my ballot was received?
3. I did not receive a secrecy envelope in my ballot package – what should I do?
4. Can I vote in person after requesting a ballot?
5. My ballot has a black box on the address - is this ok?
6. My ballot arrived and the envelope is sealed shut. What do I do?
7. What safety and security measures are in place at polling locations on election day?
8. I do not want to mail my ballot back using the USPS. What are my options?
9. Will the County be setting up drop boxes for the General Election?
10. I applied for an absentee/mail-in ballot online but have not heard back. Do I apply again?
11. My mail-in ballot application was declined because it was a duplicate, what does that mean?
12. Why was my mail-in ballot application declined?
13. I cannot get out to pick up an application, is there another way to apply?
14. I am moving to a new address in Montgomery County in October, after the date the ballots are going out. How do I make sure I get my ballot?
15. How do I change the address that my ballot is being mailed to?
16. How do I change or add my email address on the mail-in ballot application?
17. Is photo ID required when voting via absentee?
18. Can I drop off a family member’s ballot?
19. Can I email a mail-in or absentee ballot application form?
20. I do not have a driver's license; how do I request a mail-in ballot?
21. I would like to apply to vote by mail but do not have a computer. What can I do?
22. How can I cancel my request for an absentee or mail-in ballot?