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1. I just have a quick question about human services. Can I still talk to a Navicate?
2. Can Community Connections provide me with rental assistance or emergency cash assistance?
3. I already know which County department to call, or I already have a caseworker. Do I have to call a Navicate?
4. How do I connect my elderly parent to Senior Services?
5. How do I apply for subsidized housing?
6. Who can help me complete applications for food stamps, medical insurance/benefits? My co-pay seems too high and I can't afford my prescriptions, who can I call about this?
7. I recently submitted an application to the County Assistance office and I am having difficulty reaching a caseworker. Who else can I call?
8. Where can I get a dog license?
9. Who can help me figure out what transportation resources are available?
10. If my insurance doesn't cover vaccines/inoculations where can I go?
11. Where do I go if I can't afford a lawyer?
12. Where could I go if I want to search my own legal issues?
13. Where would I go for custody payment arrangement or if the custody arrangement is not being followed?
14. Where do I get a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)?
15. Where do I get a gun license?
16. Where do I get my GED? Or GED Recources?
17. How do I get subsidized child care?