What does your agency do?

Montgomery County Office of Senior Services is part of the Pennsylvania Area on Agency network whose funding serves residents age 60 and above. Our programs promote the “aging in place” model that so many desire by providing in-home services in their own home. We also provide advocacy for residents of facilities, through our ombudsman program and investigate allegations of elder abuse through our protective services unit. We strive to meet the needs of all of our age 60+ residents by contracting with a variety of providers of services.

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1. What does your agency do?
2. I have a loved one who needs help in the home, what do I do?
3. How do I request Home-Delivered Meals (i.e. Meals on Wheels)?
4. Are all services provided by the Office of Senior Services free?
5. I’m a Veteran, what benefits do I qualify for?
6. How do I find out the name of my Care Manager?
7. I believe my elderly neighbor is being abused, what do I do?
8. What do I do if I think I’ve been scammed?
9. I need help paying my utility bills, can you help?
10. I need help getting a down payment for a new apartment, can you help?
11. I have an eviction notice and don’t know where to go, can you help?
12. How do I access Mental Health/Behavioral Health Services?
13. How do I apply for SNAP (formerly food stamps) and Medical Assistance benefits in the community?
14. My relative needs a nursing home, how do I proceed? How can I pay for nursing home care?
15. I need assistance in completing forms such as the Rent Rebate application, where should I call?
16. How do I receive my age verification if I do not have ID?
17. How do I get a copy of a death certificate, will or deed?