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Please note that most EMAIL SERVERS ARE NOT SECURE. While our own server is secure, we cannot protect the security of incoming mail from commercial vendors and other non-secure providers. Please DO NOT DISCUSS THE FACTS OF YOUR CASE or any other confidential information in an email. The Montgomery County Public Defender is dedicated to providing holistic, community-oriented defense through zealous advocacy and community-based intervention programs and re-entry services.
  • All Public Defender clients receive collaborative representation through a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in criminal and juvenile defense.  Every attorney in the Public Defender Office is backed by a team of investigators, social workers, paralegals, and administrative support staff.
  • Over 40 attorneys in the Adult Trial Division represent clients criminal matters involving misdemeanor and felony charges from preliminary hearings through trial and sentencing, as well as probation and parole violations, and trial court appeals.
  • Our Juvenile Delinquency and Child Welfare Divisions engage an interdisciplinary team of six attorneys, a social worker and a paralegal representing children in felony and misdemeanor delinquency matters as well as dependency matters involving neglect, ungovernability and truancy.
  • The Appellate Division and Expungement Clinic provide clients with continuing quality representation beyond the trial phase of their cases.
  • We proudly serve our clients and the community as steering committee members in alternative, rehabilitative courts offered in Montgomery County.  Several of our attorneys are specially trained and represent clients in Behavioral Health Court, Drug Court and Veterans Court.

  • Our participation in local and national justice policy initiatives ensures the needs of our clients and their communities are considered, addressed, and improved.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Alexander, Lisa Administrative Assistant, Adult Trial Unit   610-278-3295  
Baker, Herbert Administrative Support | Pre-trial Trial Unit   610-278-3295  
Berardinelli, James Chief | Appellate Unit 610-278-3320  
Boyle, Erin Assistant Public Defender | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3159  
Caglia, Dennis Assistant Public Defender | TOP Program 610-278-3790  
Cassidy, Patricia Team Leader | Adult Trial Unit | Veteran's Court 610-278-3296  
Cooper, Benjamin Assistant Public Defender | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-5186  
D'Angelo, Pietro Team Leader | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3310  
Dayoc, Michael Chief | Investigations Unit 610-278-3315  
DeSimone, Alexander Attorney | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3874  
Donato, Eric Assistant Public Defender | Adult Trial Unit 610-292-3008  
Felty, Kyle Assistant Public Defender | Juvenile Dependency 610-278-3504  
Fortune, Catherine Office Manager 610-278-3814  
Greenspan, Dana Assistant Public Defender | Appellate Unit 610-292-5020  
Griffith, George Team Leader | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3926  
Grimsrud, Kari Assistant Public Defender | Juvenile Delinquency 484-674-6558  
Halfond, Brie Assistant Public Defender | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3803  
Hentschke, Sara Assistant Public Defender | Juvenile Dependency 610-278-3301  
Hook, Alana Chief | Social Services Unit 610-278-3328  
Hosay, Craig Assistant Public Defender | Juvenile Dependency 610-278-3309  
Kash, Lara Chief | Juvenile Dependency Unit 610-278-4914  
Kosinski, Adrienne Assistant Public Defender | Juvenile Delinquency 610-278-3316  
Kostyk, Aaron Asst. Public Defender | Adult Pre-Trial Unit 610-278-3311  
Kranzel, Hindi Chief | ARD Unit | Probation Violations Unit 610-278-3325  
Lock, Martin Assistant Public Defender | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3005  
Marone, Denise Team Leader | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3319  
Matus, Jeffrey Assistant Public Defender | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3313  
McIntyre, Brina Investigator 610-278-5187  
Mendez, Wilnelia Administrative Support | Intake Unit 610-278-3298  
Michel, Gabrielle Assistant Public Defender | Pre-trial Unit 610-278-3322  
Montowski, David Administrative Support | Adult Trial Unit 610-278-3307  
Nester, Gregory Co-deputy Public Defender | Chief of Mental Health 610-278-3318  
Ross, Trinae Assistant Office Manager 610-278-3327  
Seay-Jones, Marquise Administrative Support | Intake Unit   610-278-3295  
Simon, Richard Assistant Public Defender | Probation Violations 610-292-5021  
Sweeney, Carol Co-deputy Public Defender | Chief, Trial Unit 610-278-3308  
Torres, Ismael Paralegal | Pre-trial Unit 610-278-3305