Court Administration


P.O. Box 311
Court House - 2nd Floor
Norristown, PA 19404-0311



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Court Administrator 

Name Title Email Phone
Kehs, Esq., Michael R. Court Administrator 610-278-3224
Santos, Shannon S. Assistant to the Court Administrator 610-278-5936
Reception, Desk     610-278-3224

Civil Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Grace, Esq., Andrea Deputy Court Administrator 610-278-3994
Jorgensen, Michael Second Deputy-Civil 610-278-3219
Sobotka, Susan Civil Division Asst. 610-278-3873
Luck, Ellen Arbitration Supervisor 610-278-3230
McAllister, Jacquelyn Arbitration Assistant 610-278-3221
Rasing, Margie Argument Court 610-278-3172
Coleman, Brianna Equity/Emergency 610-292-5037
Gliwa, Gabriella Motion Court 610-278-3227

Video Conferencing 

Name Title Email Phone
Colonna, Victor Video Technology Supervisor 610-279-6539
Wilson, Jack Video Technology 610-292-2180
Loeper, Barbara Video Conferencing Assistant 610-278-3256

Criminal Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Heron, Esq., Lauren Deputy Court Administrator 610-278-6389
Montowski, Lee Second Deputy-Criminal 610-278-5912
Schools, Anne Writ Clerk 610-278-3119
Jones, Kia Dependency Clerk 610-278-3220
To, Christine Arraignments 610-279-6439
Markward, Anastasia Criminal Scheduling 610-278-3217

Family Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Leslie, Cheryl Deputy Court Administrator 610-278-3174
Baxter-Lee, Karen Second Deputy-Family 610-278-3171
Jaramillo, Claritza Protection from Abuse 610-292-5031
Gabel, Molly Family Court Assistant 610-278-3173
Adams, Brittney Family Court Assistant 610-278-3259
Miro, Ayram Family Court Assistant 610-279-6402
Brown, Patricia Family Court Assistant 610-278-3226
Wallace, Amyra Protection from Abuse 610-278-5977
Thompson, Judith PFA Assistant (part time) 610-278-5992