County Electronic Document Management

Montgomery County is looking for a County-wide document management system that can be used by all County agencies and departments starting in 2019. While the IT department at Montgomery County realizes that some existing tools could be used to satisfy this need, we prefer to think outside the box and see what other tool sets could accommodate such a need.

County-wide Customer System (CRM)

Once a County-wide Customer System is built, the system would utilize data from a master database. This will help streamline process and will reduce duplication of efforts while increasing productivity. The system will also track the services being rendered to the different constituents and the locations where service is being administered.

County-wide Device Refresh

It’s that time again. Montgomery County will be refreshing its end user workstation/laptop fleet in 2019. The existing equipment is 4-6 years old. Much of this equipment has past or will soon be at end of life. This refresh will begin in 2019 and will begin by replacing the oldest workstations first.

County-wide Security Upgrade

Montgomery County is working to acquire a third-party Patch Management System to patch and secure all third-party software such as Java, Adobe, etc. There are multiple tools currently available on the market for this type of imitative. ITS is also looking to deploy several other network security centered tools to help better secure our data infrastructure.

Digitization of Archives

Montgomery County will be continuing the imitative of digitizing all documents currently stored in our Archives facility. This will mean less boxes being stored, and less boxes will result in a need for less leased space. Primarily, digitization will mean the public will be able to access this data easily from any location with an internet connection. Another goal is to give individuals access to this information for geno research/ancestry sites. There are 2,656 boxes already completed.

Microsoft Software Licensing

Microsoft licensing for the County covers existing licensing, as well as new initiatives that include database technologies and much of our development plans. Tools such as Dynamics, SQL, Office 365 and other essential tools and products are included. This agreement covers all operating systems, server technologies, and our virtualization platforms. This level of licensing keeps the County compliant across all levels of licensing with the Microsoft Corporation.

SharePoint System Build

SharePoint collaboration is a standard in today’s working world. Montgomery County has embraced this technology and is leveraging this tool whenever and wherever possible. SharePoint has enabled the County to collaborate easier, faster, and far more efficiently both internally and externally than ever before. SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics has also allowed the County to access County data when off-site securely and with ease. We have also been able to reduce the number of files servers used, and the amount of storage required. Many departments at Montgomery County are currently using SharePoint to some degree, and the remaining departments will be onboarded later this year.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Upgrade

Montgomery County’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been in place for several years now. It allows users to securely access their County desktop from any location with an internet connection. This has substantially increased productivity for our mobile workforce. This upgrade is needed to increase the storage for our VDI environment. Montgomery County also needs to upgrade to the newest version of our VMWare environment since the current version will no longer be supported by the end of 2019. Montgomery County currently has over half the County workforce using VDI and plans to have even more using VDI by the time our 2019/2020 rollout is complete.

VoIP Software Upgrade

Montgomery County’s Avaya VoIP system is in need of an upgrade. This upgrade is necessary to stay compliant with direct manufacture support guidelines.