Cloud or IaaS\SaaS

Could computing means many things too many people, it depends on what your needs are, while understanding the Cloud is not a one size fits all solution. Cloud computing is a way for the County to diversify its server and data infrastructure using one of the industry’s safest and most secure Cloud services providers. Montco first introduced Cloud based services through Office 365 in 2013. The decision to move our email systems to this platform has been nothing short of a huge success for us.
Since 2013 we have provisioned IaaS space through Azure and plan on moving parts of our on premise virtual environment to Azure. Using Azure will not only allow us to further expand and enhance our infrastructure, but will also allow us to implement a more robust Disaster Recover and Business Continuance strategies.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

After an 18 month evaluation and pilot program for VDI the County is ready to proceed and move forward with this initiative. Through VDI County workers will have the ability to access their Windows desktop from any device at any place with an internet connection. This will allow our mobile workforce to be more efficient and productive on a daily basis.
Our pilot program recently showed that in some cases some County employee’s production went up by 300%. Some caseworkers were able to remain out in the field and reach 3 times as many clients because of VDI and mobility.
Additional efficiency’s for VDI range from system security, updates, patch management and troubleshooting. Many IT professionals know what challenges each one of these topics bring; VDI will help to cut some of these costs and help to better manage all of them.

Courthouse Generator

The ITS department along with Public Property are in the process of installing a new 300KVA generator at the courthouse to support the ITS Main Data center. This new generator will enhance the County’s Business Continuance and Disaster Recover strategies and run the entire Data center for up to 40 Hours if a power emergency should occur.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the ability to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices – typically involving remote distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.
With mobile devices and applications flooding the market, mobile device management is growing in importance. By optimizing the functionality of mobile devices while controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in a network, support costs and business security risks are lowered. For example, the County can remotely lock mobile devices or completely erase sensitive company data from an abused, lost or stolen mobile device.

Voice over IP Phone System

The County is deploying a new VoIP system along with several hundred network switches, and Wi-Fi access points in every County facility. We are also upgrading the entire County Video Conference System and plan to support Multi-Point video conferencing for internal and external use.
This equipment will be installed, upgraded, and maintained at 14 different core locations throughout the County and 30 secondary sites. This new fully redundant system core system will provide and enhanced voice systems, voicemail, smart device mobility application, video application, desktop communicator, and of course video conferencing.
The new VoIP system installed throughout Montgomery County will provide the County the capability to run advanced collaboration applications such as Microsoft Lync that will improve the County’s services.

Dark Fiber and Internet Service Provider

As we enter an age of a mobile workforce the continuing industrial and residential growth combined with new demands for government service. Montgomery County is modernizing its infrastructure in a manner that will enable cost-effective and improved services delivery for the next several years.

We are in the process of increasing our network speed to all County locations from 1 GB to 10 GB through the use of “Dark Fiber” and increasing our existing speed to the World Wide Web by a factor of 10 using this Dark Fiber. The benefits to the county will be a core network that is sustainable for many years to come. Our users will benefit and be able to serve the public faster by accessing resources faster and more efficient.