WebCAD Standards and Abbreviations

Alias Format and Suggestions
The Following is a list of standards for abbreviations and formats for radio alias's. Following these guidelines will help reduce confusion between County dispatchers and field personnel.
These truck and officer abbreviations and formats follow what will be used for the new CAD system when it goes on line next year. This will allow the dispatchers to work with one standard and help ease their work load.
Portables Mobiles
P CH53 Chief 53's Portable M CH53 Mobile in Chiefs 53 vehicle
P DC53 Deputy Chief 53's Portable M DC53 Mobile in Deputy Chiefs vehicle
P AC53 Assistant Chief 53's Portable M E53 Mobile in Engine 53 (1st Engine)
P AC53-1 First Assistant Chief 53's Portable M E53-1 Mobile in Engine 53-1 (second Engine)
P1 E53 1st Portable in Engine 53 M T53 Mobile in Tanker 53
P2 E53 2nd Portable in Engine 53 M QRS71 Mobile in QRS 71
P1 E53-1 1st Portable in Engine 53
P FP53-1 1st Fire Police Portable
P FP53-2 2nd Fire Police Portable FD53 Station The base station at Station 53

Officer Abbreviations Apparatus Abbreviations (Continued)

CH Chief FP Fire Police

DC Deputy Chief HM HazMat

AC Assistant Chief L Ladder

BC Battalion Chief MC Motorcycle

CT Captain MU Marine Unit

LT Lieutenant P Pipeline

ER Engineer QRS QRS

FM Fire Marshall QT Quint

FP Fire Police R Rescue

SA Safety Officer SD Squad
Apparatus Abbreviations SN Snorkel

Air Air SO Special Operations Unit

Bike Bicycle SS Special Service

C Chemical SQ Squirt

CAR Car T Tanker

CN Canteen TC Tac Officer

DU Dive Unit TR Traffic

E Engine TW Tower

F Field U Utility