Campaign Finance Forms

Related Resources
  • Authorization for a Committee to Receive (Form 501) - This form is the official authorization by the candidate allowing the committee’s treasurer to receive funds on behalf of that candidate.
  • Campaign Finance Report (Form 502) - This form is for the use of candidates and political committees required to report expenditures and contributions.
  • Campaign Finance Statement (Form 503) - This form can be used in place of the 502 Form when the amount of expenditures and contributions during a reporting period do not exceed $250.
  • Independent Expenditure Reporting Form (Form 505) - If an individual makes an expenditure exceeding $100 in a calendar year to influence the outcome of an election, independent of the political committee, this form must be submitted.
  • Political Committee Registration Statement (Form 500) - This form is used to register a new political committee or amend the original registration when the committee appoints a new chairperson, treasurer, or changes any other required information.