Data Sales

The Training and Requests Center receives special requests from various outside entities. Requested information is extracted from programs such as Board of Assessment, Recorder of Deeds, Courts, and Voters. The Training and Requests Center also processes jobs for customers on a monthly basis at the customer’s request.

Download BOA Land Records Customer Request Form. (Adobe PDF)

Customers receive requested data via hard-copy reports, laser mailing labels, and/or CD. Download the Information and Technology Solutions Pricing Policy dated February'2012. (Adobe PDF)

Data requests are normally completed within 3 – 10 working days and are processed on a first come basis. Requests for voter information require approval and a Data Certification form must be completed by the customer prior to ITS processing the request. Download the Voter Data Certification Form (Adobe PDF).
Completed requests are mailed to customers, or customers may pickup the material at the Training and Requests Center, One Montgomery Plaza, Suite 808. Invoices are mailed to customers upon completion of request and payment is due upon receipt. Besides checks and money orders, payments can be accepted online using a credit card or electronic check. Credit card and electronic check convenience fees will be applied at the time of payment submittal. Website address for ePayment is listed on the invoice. Customer and invoice numbers will be required and can be located on the top of each invoice.

Examples of Data Requests:

Owner name/address and property addresses for all properties in the County sorted by municipalities.

Hard copies of all sales during a specific time period for a specific municipality.

CDs containing information on all mortgages for a specific municipality, including assessments, during a specified time period.

All property transfers recorded during a specific time period.

Listing of all voter registrations during a specific time period.

Address labels for all properties sold/transferred in a municipality during a specific time period with sales over $25000.