Mission of the Sheriff's Office

Mission Statement
The mission of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is to protect the citizens of the county, and provide services to taxpayers with honesty, integrity, and transparency.  The Sheriff's Office will serve citizens regardless of race, color, gender, religious creed, sexual orientation, age, origin, ancestry, economic status, handicap, or disability.
  • To assist other law enforcement agencies in the county and region whenever needed in law enforcement mutual aide functions such as bomb hazardous device disposal, security, crowd control, patrol, active shooter, K9 assisted searches for drugs and suspects, and overnight child support and DUI raids.
  • To serve and enforce all orders of the courts such as, serving bench warrants, civil writs, and protection of abuse orders.
  • To conduct levies, and sales of personal property and real estate.
  • To safely and efficiently transport prisoners to and from county, state and federal corrections institutions for court appearances, and to extradite fugitives.
  • To provide processing assistance and booking services to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies through five DUI processing centers, and to assist local municipalities through DUI checkpoints.
  • To issue concealed weapons permits and educate the public in firearms safety.