Training Props & Facilities

Administrative Building/Classrooms

The Administrative Building contains 10 classrooms, an auditorium that seats 250, a full kitchen and cafeteria, a pump maintenance room, an immersion lab, equipment and locker rooms, and apparatus bays that house two engines.

In addition to classroom instruction, our cadre of over 150 part-time instructors provides hands-on practical skills training using our state-of-the-art structural burn building, drill tower, smoke house, drafting pit, and flammable gas pad.

Structural Burn Building

The Structural Burn Building complex includes a two-story residential burn building, a two-story commercial burn building, and a four-story high-rise burn building for interior firefighting training.

Drill Tower

A five- and four-story building, the Drill Tower is used for aerial apparatus and ladder work, simulated high-rise training with a standpipe, and rope rescue training.

Smoke House

The Smoke House is a two-story structure containing a maze for practicing search and rescue skills and SCBA familiarization and practice.

Flammable Gas Pad

The Flammable Gas Pad is used for flammable gas and fire extinguisher training. Several mock-ups are used for fire extinguishment and flow control.