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Sheriff's Sale on



Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Montgomery County Courthouse
Swede & Airy Streets, First Floor
Norristown, PA 19404

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Conditions of Sale - EFFECTIVE 6/1/2018

In order to expedite the sale, plaintiffs shall announce an "upset" price, which is the least amount the plaintiff will accept for a property. Any bidding above the plaintiff's opening costs bid will begin at that stated upset price. Subsequent bids shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number and be in no less than $1,000.00

The successful highest bidder shall immediately pay the required 10% deposit to the Sheriff, or the property may be resold. A second bid, accompanied with the required deposit, may be registered with the Sheriff after the property is knocked down to the highest bidder. The required deposit must be paid in cash or certified check. Personal or endorsed checks shall be accepted from members of the Montgomery County Bar. Cash payments no greater than $5,000.00 will be accepted.

The successful bidder shall pay the remaining balance within 10 days of the sale together with the cost of preparing the deed poll and such other costs that are imposed by law. Such payment shall be paid in cash or by certified check, made payable to the Sheriff. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the forfeiture of the deposit and the subject property may be resold. In the event of a default, the Sheriff may settle with the second bidder who has complied with all of the conditions of sale. The defaulting party shall be liable to the plaintiff and/or the Sheriff for any and all costs incurred for resale of the property.

All properties are sold "AS IS," with NO expressed or implied warranties or guarantees whatsoever. The Sheriff shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the premises sold resulting from any cause whatsoever.

If any irregularities, defects, or failures to comply with these Conditions of Sale occur during the sale, properties may be placed back up for sale at any time prior to the conclusion of the sale.

If the Sheriff's grantee is to be other than the record purchaser, a written assignment must be filed or such fact certified by the attorney on the writ when they are the purchaser.

Terms and conditions are subject to change by the Sheriff.