Gun Permits

Pennsylvania License to Carry a Concealed Firearm

Licence to carry Firearm permits extended to July 31, 2020

Special Services Procedures:
Until Further Notice the Courthouse is closed to the public for business in our office.

You may
EMAIL your application and required documents for your License to Carry. We are not processing them for approval until we have a good idea of when we will reopen for business. Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the Gun Permit page.

For those who have a Montco permit and have moved out of County, you can email a copy of the permit, driver’s license and Penndot change of address to
gunpermit1@montcopa.orgWe will update your file and let you know that it was handled. You permit remains valid until it expires and you can then apply in your new County. Change of address within the county will have to wait until we reopen because it requires payment and a new card being issued.

License to Sell renewals, please email your application and a signed copy of the current FFL to The State Police are not processing them by phone so we will notify you when we have an answer back and what instructions to follow to finish up. New licenses will have to wait until we reopen.

Precious Metals licenses, we will only take mail (USPS, UPS, FEDEX) submissions and will return them by USPS mail. Make sure we get the completed application and the $50 check made out to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

218/LEOSA, please email the front and back of your valid Pa. driver’s license, your retired ID, the blue 218 card, along with a phone number and State of Birth to When we have approval, we will contact you on how to finish up. You will need a $5 money Order payable to the Commonwealth of Pa.

*Same day processing is no longer available. Instead, applications may be dropped off or sent via email.

*The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office DOES NOT issue non-resident gun permits. 

Firearms License Application

Pennsylvania Law requires the Sheriff of Montgomery County to process all Applications for License to Carry Firearms.

The Sheriff's Office is required under Pa. Law, Section 6109 (d) of Title 18 Pa. C.S., to conduct an investigation into your application.

Licenses are issued to all those who qualify, based on a background investigation done by the Sheriff's Office through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS).

Once an application for a license to carry is filed, the Sheriff has 45 days in which to complete the investigation and notify the applicant. The license is valid for five years. The Sheriff has the ability to revoke the license at any time for just cause.

Please read the application instructions carefully. Applications cannot be processed unless all of the requirements are met.

Applications are processed in the Sheriff's Office Gun Permits section Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Further information and applications are below.


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