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STATUS UPDATE May 27, 2022

We continue our work towards finalizing review and scoring of the over 400 projects and over 150 ideas submitted for consideration under the County’s Pandemic Recovery Funds program. County Recovery Office team members continue to analyze and review submissions, to discuss projects with submitters as needed, and to date have forwarded 268 projects for scoring by our review panel. Reviewers have entered over 1,000 scoring reports to date, or approximately one fourth of the total that will be needed to complete scoring.

Barbara, O’Malley, Montgomery County Deputy Chief Operating Officer has provided a video update on the work of the Recovery Office available for your viewing at this link.



The 30-person scoring panel comprises members of our Montgomery County community that applied to be a reviewer based on our “Call for Reviewers,” which was circulated widely through our network of community partners. Our call for reviewers specified that we were seeking “individuals from across Montgomery County who can bring their experiences to more deeply inform our evaluation process,” and we were pleased to receive 75 applications from a diverse cross-section of our County’s communities. The individuals selected as final panelists are representatives of the various community sectors we sought to include, which are:

  • Individuals who identify as an underserved population in the County, such as people who identify as Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American/ Pacific Islander, people living with disabilities, people living in recovery, people living on low incomes, or other populations that were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. 
  • Individuals who have unique insight into community needs, such as those who participate in faith communities, volunteer groups, nonprofits, home and school associations, neighborhood groups, or similar.

We are grateful for their participation in this process.

As we’ve monitored this progress and better understand the work across both submitters and reviewers, we are updating our plan schedule:

By May 30, 2022:             Recovery Office initial review of projects complete

By June 17, 2022:            All projects scored, with project scores posted on the Recovery Office webpage

July 1 - July, 15 2022:   Draft recovery plan published for feedback

July 22, 2022:                    Final recovery plan adopted

July 27, 2022:                    Project implementation period begins


THANK YOU for the stunning response to the County’s Pandemic Recovery Funds (PRF) program. 

We received 426 project submissions comprising $1.3 billion dollars in requested funds, and 159 idea submissions by the County’s April 30, 2022 deadline. These forward-thinking initiatives represent an unprecedented expression of our Montgomery County community’s vision and needs, and Recovery Office staff will coordinate processing and analysis of all of the submissions with County management over the coming weeks. We will use the submissions to fulfill our responsibility to equitably expend the $161.4 million allocated to Montgomery County through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), and will deliver a program of projects implementable within the required timeframe. This list of funded projects will be documented in the County Recovery Plan.

From this point:

  • Recovery Office staff will perform initial reviews of all project submissions, asking questions of submitters, consulting for more information with subject matter experts, and vetting projects to prepare them for scoring. While many submitters will hear directly from Recovery Office staff, do not be concerned if you do not; all projects will be advanced for scoring.
  • After completion of the Recovery Office initial review, the PRF reviewer panel will score each submission according to the scoring rubric, available here
  • After scoring, projects will be considered by the County for inclusion into the Recovery Plan. The draft Recovery Plan will be circulated for public feedback, and will be adopted as the final plan after consideration of feedback and formal resolution at a County Board of Commissioner’s meeting.

The Montgomery County Recovery Office is responsible for managing the County's $161,395,498 Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery (SLFRF) allocation, called the Pandemic Recovery Funds, and will:

  1. Facilitate community engagement efforts in coordination with County staff
  2. Create, implement, and manage intake process for submission of projects/ideas
  3. Manage assessment, review, and publishing of Recovery Plan, documenting all projects approved for funding
  4. Manage project implementation with County and external partners
  5. Coordinate, as the recipient, all quarterly and annual reporting, accounting, and auditing for the period of performance through 2026

If you require any additional information or have any questions about the Pandemic Recovery Funds, please contact the Recovery Office at