Montgomery County Recovery Office

Draft Recovery Plan Now Available for Public Feedback

The Montgomery County Recovery Office is pleased to share the draft funding recommendations for use of $161.4 million in Pandemic Recovery Funds. The Draft Recovery Plan includes funding for 110 projects and allocates all funding. The Draft Recovery Plan and related information is available here.

The public is encouraged to provide feedback on the plan through in-person and virtual town hall events or by submitting a written comment, now through August 5, 2022. Learn more about providing feedback here.

The Draft Plan follows a ten-month community engagement process, through which the Recovery Office received 426 project submissions totaling $1.3 billion in funding requests, and 157 idea submissions. The Draft Recovery Plan considers both community-identified priorities for supporting an equitable recovery post-pandemic, as well as the one-time nature of this funding source. The Draft Plan prioritizes investment into historically underserved communities and transformative projects or ideas with the potential for spurring long-term change across Montgomery County.

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The Draft Recovery Plan recommends investments into:

  1. Housing: $32.4 million

The Draft Recovery Plan responds to the community’s prioritization for investment into more affordable housing options across the county, given the challenges to housing stability that the pandemic and related economic crises took on renters and homeowners. These investments include:

  • Construction of 325 new affordable housing units for low and moderate income renters and homeowners 
  • $5.5 million in seed funding for the Housing Opportunities Fund, an innovative public-private partnership to use unused land, blighted/condemned properties, and/or hotels for sale, for the use to build or rehab into affordable rental housing 
  • $500,000 expansion of the down payment assistance program for first time homebuyers
  • $5.8 million to support renovation of existing public and privately owned affordable units 
  • $6.8 million for short-term housing for single adults experiencing homelessness, including costs associated with the relocation of the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center which closed in July 2022
  1. Behavioral Health: $18.1 MILLION
  1. Community Services and Facilities: $27.9 million
  1. Child Care: $9.6 million
  1. Economic and Workforce Development: $14.4 million
  1. Food Security: $8.4 million
  1. Public Health and Safety: $11.3 million
  1. Other Projects: $39.3 million

Draft Recovery Plan Town Hall Events

As the Recovery Office prepares to release the Draft Recovery Plan on July 18, 2022, we are encouraging all submitters and residents to register for a Town Hall presentation of the Draft Recovery Plan. This discussion will include a brief presentation of how Montgomery County intends to allocate $161.4 million in Pandemic Recovery Funds. Participants will be able to provide feedback on the plan during this session.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022
6:00- 7:00 pm
Montgomery County Community College- West Campus 
North Hall 202
101 College Dr, Pottstown, PA 19464

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Afternoon Session
Click here to view the recorded town hall

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Evening Session 
Click here to view the recorded town hall

Pandemic Recovery Fund Award Timeline

By June 17, 2022:             Recovery Office initial review of projects complete

By June 24, 2022:            All projects scored, with project scores posted on the Recovery Office webpage

July 18 - July, 29 2022:    All applicants notified of conditional funding status. Draft recovery plan published for feedback.

August 18, 2022:                Final recovery plan adopted