Roads & Bridges

Stoplights on roadHurricane Ida update: Bridge Closures

The following bridges and the roads they carry are closed as a direct result of Hurricane Ida. Our team is continuing our inspections and prioritizing repairs accordingly. We will continue to update this list as necessary.


Bridge # & Coordinates


County Action Plans

6 – Mill Creek

40d 01' 24.97"

-75d 17' 04.63"


Severe Undermining

- Detour Designed & Approved

- Signs Ordered

- Detour to Be Set Week of Sept 20, 2021

- Detour to Remain Until Bridge Replaced

84 – Price Road

40d 21' 28.38"

-75d 25' 35.75"


Spandrel & Parapet Wall Damage & Road Approach

- Assessment On-going

- Detour Plans are in Design

142 – Germantown Pk.

40d 10' 49.91"

-75d 25' 20.81"


Spandrel & Parapet Wall Damage & Road Approach Washout

- Detour Designed & Approved

- Signs Made

- Detour Set

- Underwater Fieldwork Complete

- Underwater Report Pending

- Contractor on Board – Loftus Const.

- Repairs begun on deck and parapet walls, underwater work pending permits in early October

- Expected completion time: Roughly two months if underwater report shows limited damage   

151 – Old Sumneytown Pk.     & Sumneytown Pike Proper

40d 18' 11.13"

-75d 25' 18.69"



Approach, Road & Culvert Washout

- Detour Designed & Approved

- Detour Set

- Contractor on Board – H&K

- Repairs started September 13, 2013

- Repairs to be Completed – Oct. 5, 2021

- Bridge Insp.  Required before Opening


 214 - Garges Road Closed

Damaged parapet wall

 - Bridge to be closed for roughly two weeks for necessary repairs

Closure Alert: butler pike

Please note the right (northbound) lane of Butler Pike in Plymouth Township will be temporarily closed later this month to allow the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to inspect a bridge that passes over the roadway. The inspection will take place between 9 am and 3 pm and, once begun, it will take roughly two hours to complete. During that time, flaggers will be positioned to direct motorists. More details to follow.   

How We Serve Our County

The Montgomery County Roads and Bridges Department maintains 133 bridges and over 75 miles of roadway throughout the county. It is our goal to provide a functional, passable, and well-maintained network of roads, along with a wide variety of bridges, suited to the needs of the traveling public.

Improving our Roads, Bridges, and Signals

List of Bridges

County Bridge Project Status Map

Construction Projects

Roads and Bridges personnel are constantly working to keep County bridges and roads in good repair. Large-scale paving operations are typically scheduled for the summer, while maintenance such as filling potholes and cleaning debris from inlets continues throughout the year. Please use caution when driving near any work area.


A variety of permits are available through our website, including Special Hauling Permits and Highway Occupancy Permits. Please click here for a list of forms that you may download or submit online. You may also call our office for assistance.


Municipality Responsibilities

While we maintain the physical structure of our roads, certain items are the responsibility of others. Traffic signals are the responsibility of the municipality. Concerns about signal timing, signs, and pavement markings at signalized intersections should be directed to the township or borough where the intersection is located.

Certain types of signs also fall under municipal jurisdiction. Local road crews maintain the following signs:
  • Road name signs
  • Speed limit signs
  • Stop signs

Dead Animals

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will remove large animal carcasses from the roadside. Contact the Southeast Regional Office at 610-926-3136.


Mailboxes must be installed outside the right of way of the road. Although we exercise caution when plowing snow, we cannot be responsible for damage to mailboxes that are improperly located