MontcoStrong 2021 Pennsylvania Hospitality Industry Recovery Program – February 2021


Update – April 13th, 2021 – The first 50 grant awards for this program have been made; a list of the awardees to date can be found here.  The Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County has emailed all of the awardees to date as of April 12th, 2021.

The review process is ongoing and approximately $7.3 million in program funds remain to be awarded.  Additional grant awards, along with statistics on the awardees, will be released later this month.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has allocated $145 million to counties for a grant program to provide financial relief to businesses with a primary activity in NAICS Code subsector 721 (Accommodations) and 722 (Food Service and Drinking Places) per Senate Bill 109, known as Act 1 of 2021, signed by Governor Wolf on Friday, February 5th, 2021.  Montgomery County is receiving approximately $9.4 million in funding to provide grants to eligible businesses through this program.  The eligibility, application requirements, and program design are all developed from the text of Act 1 of 2021.


Program Guidelines and Program FAQ

Before applying, interested businesses should thoroughly review both the Program Guidelines and Program FAQ to ensure eligibility and to prepare to apply when the application window opens.

Program Guidelines – English (updated as of 02/26/2021)

Program FAQ – English (updated as of 02/26/2021)

Program Guidelines – Spanish

Program FAQ – Spanish

Program Guidelines – Korean

Program FAQ – Korean

Program Documents

Governor Wolf’s Announcement Upon Signing SB 109 

SB 109 - Act 1 of 2021 

W-9 Template in English 

W-9 Template in Spanish 

Documentation Explanation Spreadsheet Template for Applicants

Documentation Explanation Spreadsheet Template for Applicants - Spanish

Documentation Explanation Spreadsheet Template for Applicants - Korean

Example of Completed Documentation Explanation Spreadsheet

Example of Completed Documentation Explanation Spreadsheet - Spanish

Example of Completed Documentation Explanation Spreadsheet - Korean

Program Application

The online application window for this program opens at Noon on Friday, March 12th, 2021.  The application window will remain open until all available grant dollars are awarded; we urge interested and eligible applicants to submit an application in a timely manner.

Before applying, please review the Program Guidelines, Program FAQ, and the Application Tips section of this webpage.

Important update for applicants (03/12/2021) – in order to best ensure that you are able to provide the proper documentation of the reduction in gross receipts as required by Act 1 of 2021, we strongly urge everyone to submit the following (if available) –

  • 2019 federal tax return (required for all businesses in operation long enough to have submitted one)
  • Computer generated Profit & Loss statement for all 4 quarters in 2019 and all 4 quarters in 2020 (or, for as many quarters as the business has available in that time period)
  • 2020 federal tax return (if available)

The application is 50 questions.  We estimate that it will take about 30-40 minutes to complete should an applicant have all their documentation prepared prior to starting the application.  Appendix A of the Program Guidelines provides a general overview of the application questions.

To apply, proceed to the online application here.

Language Line assistance in Korean, Spanish, Hindi, and Chinese can be provided by following these instructions

Application Tips

To help applicants with their applications, here are some helpful tips:

  • Watch our Application Assistance Video
  • Make sure you read the Program Guidelines and Program FAQ thoroughly; we cannot stress this enough.   One of the primary reasons that applications in prior MontcoStrong grant programs have not been funded is because applicants do not follow the information in the Program Guidelines.   This is most noticeable when an applicant indicates they intend to spend grant funds in a manner inconsistent with what is allowable for the program/funding round.
  • Have all of you required documentation ready before you begin to fill out the online application – you’ll save yourself time when doing the application and stress.  When you are filling out the online application, you will be given an email address at the appropriate step to send all of your documentation to.
  • Make sure all of the documentation you are going to submit is legible and addresses the specific requirements of this program.   It is critical that an applicant can demonstrate a reduction in revenue with documentation – this is a requirement from the legislation directly.  The Program Guidelines explains how you will need to define your revenue reduction and how you must document it.
  • Don’t rush to be the first application submitted.   While we encourage applicants to get their application in a timely manner once the application window opens, don’t risk getting something wrong just to submit fast.   Remember, this program is not a first come, first served/funded program; having a thorough application that can be reviewed without issue is more important than being first.
  • We recommend submitting computer generated Profit & Loss statements from business accounting software to demonstrate the required reduction in gross receipts.  If those are not available, official reporting documents, such Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Sales Tax Reports, or other official reporting documentation that demonstrates the decline in gross receipts may be submitted.
  • When submitting your application documentation, you will be provided with an email address in the online application to send everything to.  Please note that the email size limit is 36 MB; be mindful of prioritizing those expenses that are the most significant in costs and easiest to document in order to keep things simple for you as the applicant.

Program Questions

Questions about the program should be submitted in writing using the Commerce Department Assistance Request Form

Responses are usually provided within 24-48 hours of question submission.  Please note that feedback on individual applications and/or status of review are not provided per the Program Guidelines and Program Application.

Additional Information

Information on NAICS Codes

For information on COVID-19 and Montgomery County’s response to the global pandemic, visit

For information on Federal Government resources to help businesses address the COVID-19 global pandemic, visit

For information on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s response to the global pandemic, visit

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