Montgomery County Justice Center

Justice Center Masthead 2


The Justice Center Project ties three complex projects into one, constructing a modern County justice center that more than doubles the size of the existing County courthouse, completely renovates the current courthouse facility, and re-invents Hancock Square park as an accessible, active public park. Phased over 5 years, the project will provide:

Justice Center Infographic

New Justice Center
A 330,000 square foot, 6 story new building connected to the existing courthouse housing new courtrooms, court-related offices, and public spaces.

Hancock Square Park
Reconstructed Hancock Square park, expanded from the current 40,000 square feet to113,000 square feet, incorporatingcarefully planned landscape native plantings, direct access from Main Street, and respectful incorporation of current monuments into reflective spaces.

Historic Courthouse
Complete renovation of the existing courthouse, incorporating detailed attention to historic preservation and a full replacement of all utility infrastructure systems.


  • PHASE 1 – Demolition of parking garage, Wells Fargo bank building, and work to prepare Hancock Square Park for renovation. Scheduled to begin in March 2021 and be completed by December 2021
  • PHASE 2 – Construction of justice center south building. Scheduled to begin December 2021 and be completed by Spring 2024.
  • PHASE 3 – Renovation of historic courthouse. Scheduled to begin Spring 2024 and be completed by Spring 2026.