K-12 School Guidance

Last updated 3/24/2022

Effective February 28, 2022, Montgomery County has adopted CDC’s COVID Community Level Indicators. This new guidance is applicable to all community settings, including K-12 schools and childcare facilities. Mitigation strategies, including masking, should be determined by the county’s current level of risk. Guidance for K-12 Schools, including Mask to Stay and Test to Stay, have been updated to reflect the changes in mitigation strategies. Recommendations for each Community Risk Level are as follows:


K-12 School Guidance Documents

K-12 School Guidance
Mask to Stay Guidance
Test to Stay Guidance

Outbreak Response:  When a school setting outbreak is identified, schools are required to complete contact tracing to identify any close contacts to the positive cases. During the time of outbreak response, schools should collaborate with MCOPH for additional guidance and recommendations for prevention strategies to decrease the risk of spread. These can include testing, Mask to Stay, distancing, and other interventions depending on the extent of the outbreak.

MCOPH’s Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention for K-12 Schools requires school administrators to provide a broad-based notification after a single case of COVID-19 in a K-12 school setting for contact tracing purposes, notifying individuals of potential exposure. The purpose of broad-based notification is to provide awareness of COVID-19 cases in your community to allow individuals and families to make decisions surrounding prevention strategies. MCOPH does not require how schools notify for single cases and school administrations should tailor the communication based on the needs of their community. The tools below can help support these notifications:

For more information on COVID-19 in Montgomery County, please visit the Montgomery County COVID-19 Data Hub.


CDC has updated isolation and quarantine recommendations for the public. MCOPH has adapted updated isolation and quarantine requirements effective Tuesday, December 28, 2021. For more information visit the CDC’s Quarantine and Isolation site.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Chart

Selecting a Safe Face Mask

COVID-19 School Exclusion Chart (English) (Updated 3/24/2022)

CDC Symptoms for Covid-19

CDC COVID Isolation and Quarantine


Public and private K-12 schools should use the county’s aggregate report form to report all school related cases. For information and questions about reporting, please contact  MCSchoolsCovid19@montcopa.org

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Below are several options for COVID-19 testing that are available for schools and families.