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  1. Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg Fights Fraud with Free Program

    NORRISTOWN – Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg today encouraged Montgomery County residents to sign up for FraudSleuth, a free monitoring program through her office that helps protects their properties from thieves and forgers. Read on...
  2. Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg to Notarize Emergency Absentee Ballot Applications

    Norristown – Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg today announced that she would waive fees for notarizing emergency absentee ballot applications during regular office hours (8:30 AM to 4:15 PM) for voters who need them. Read on...
  3. Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg to Increase Veteran Outreach Efforts

    NORRISTOWN – Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Jeanne Sorg today announced two new initiatives to support veterans and their families in Montgomery County and the surrounding area. Read on...
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