Centenarian Celebration


13th Annual Montgomery County Virtual Centenarian Celebration

Greetings Montgomery County Centenarians!

Due to the Pandemic, our celebration will again be Virtual for the entire month of May, featuring your poster that you can watch daily. Please click here as soon as possible to upload your photo and a new biography, and we will design your new celebration poster! Please have someone do this for you if you cannot do this yourself. We have a beautiful gift for each of our Centenarians at the end of May, so we ask for your mailing address. We also need a contact person, their email, and phone number.

Your photo and new biography will be featured on social media @HHSMontcoPA (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) aand right here on our website in the month of May. Your images need to be high-resolution JPGs or PNGs, just like before, and your memoirs will be limited to 1500 characters (or 261 words). If you have questions about your photograph or biography, please contact  Juliana Guarna.  

We will hold exciting Zoom events during May, so watch the OSS website for dates and times! Until we can gather for our beautiful annual luncheons again, stay well and know how much we cherish and miss you!

Link to Form

Video Celebration

Click here to watch our Video Celebration from Wednesday, May 11! 


Centenarians are the fastest-growing segment of our population today. The number of Centenarians passing the age of 100 has doubled since 1990. While there are now about 131,000 Centenarians in the United States, it is projected that the number of Centenarians will total over ½-million by the year 2050.

Our Centenarians represent a special group of older residents who have lived long and strong over ten decades, weaving strong history and culture into the basic fabric of life as we know it today in Montgomery County.

Their legacy is seen in the strong Montgomery County families and communities supporting and serving our foundation as we move ahead in our daily lives.

We salute them and hope they will enjoy this special day creating another memory for a life well-lived!

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