Meet our Staff

Learn about us and how to contact us about available county benefits or other questions.  


Dennis C. Miller, Commander, U. S. Coast Guard (Retired)

Dennis is a 24 year veteran of the United States Coast Guard with service on East, West, and Gulf Coasts. His experiences range from commercial vessel safety, marine casualty investigation, and law enforcement to drug and alcohol counseling, disaster recovery, volunteer coordination, and, of course, leadership.

Veteran Service Officers

We employ three full-time career Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) with years of experience. All VSOs are fully accredited by the National Legal Services Program and vetted by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs per 38 Code of Federal Regulations part 14. Our staff are able to meet with you at our home office, satellite locations in Willow Grove, Pottstown, and Lansdale, or home locations for residents unable to travel.

Jamie Washburn

Jamie is a 22 yr retired Army Guardsman. Both as a citizen and soldier she maintained a musical career. She taught music in private and public schools for over 10 years. She served in the 28th division band providing entertainment, morale, rendering of honors, and community/ international outreach. Military travel took her to Bosnia during operation Task Force Eagle to provide morale support for our troops during the holidays and to Luxembourg for the dedication of the bazooka boogie monument. She joined Montgomery County 6 years ago. 

Ryan Fox

Ryan is a marine veteran.  He served in the brig as a correctional officer. He served five years and received an honorable discharge. After he was discharged in 2009, Ryan went back to school and got his bachelors degree in criminal justice. He joined Montgomery County five years ago.  

Office Support

Tricia Begnaud

Tricia Begnaud holds the dual distinction of being a Navy dependent as well as a Navy spouse. Her grandfather was at the Pearl Harbor Attack and her great-grandfather served in the Spanish-American War. A native of San Diego California, Tricia has a background in patient intake, triage, and medical encoding, which is a direct benefit to this office.  

Community Outreach Specialist

Karin Smith

Karin has a background in Private Investigations, Criminal Justice, and Aging Law.  She first joined Montgomery County in 2006 where she worked with the Office of Senior Services as an Ombudsman and an Investigator for Adult Protective Services. Karin is connected to the veteran community through her relatives who have been in various services and is a member of the VFW Auxiliary. Karin will be working on reaching members of the veteran community with the greatest need first: unstable housing, advanced age in crisis, caregivers, mentally ill/PTSD, and those at risk of suicide. Additionally, Karin will coordinate our Multi-Disciplinary Team and our Volunteer Program in conjunction with the Office of Senior Services. Karin, and the entire staff, can be reached via e-mail at  

Shuttle Drivers

We employ four part-time Veterans Shuttle drivers. This dedicated team will take residents from their homes to any nearby VA medical facility and back again. Medical appointments must be made between 10 am and 2 pm. Space is limited for veterans and their spouse or caretakers. A two-week lead time is preferable to reserve a space.