Youth Vaping Prevention Resources

The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Drug and Alcohol utilizes the PA Youth Survey to identify trends and areas of need in the community. A recent trend among youth, as seen on the survey and identified by Montgomery County School Districts, is students using vaping devices in school. 

To address this growing concern, the Office of Drug and Alcohol released a Vaping Toolkit for schools, parents, educators, and health care providers in October of 2018. As a way to continue to support the growing need in Montgomery County School Districts, a Vaping School Policy Forum was planned in May 2019. 

resources provided at the Policy Forum:

Montgomery County Vaping Toolkit
Project Connect Group Overview
SAP - The Clear Facts
Nicotine Infographic
School Policy
Tobacco-Free Campus
Alternative to Suspension Program
E-cigarettes, "Vapes", and JUUL: What Schools Should Know
Teen Intervene
MBI Session Descriptions

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