Injury Prevention - Older Adult Safety

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  1. A MAtter of Balance
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Reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults

Target Audience

Older Adults



Length of Program

Eight 2-hour classes designed for groups of 10-12 participants

Success Story

Peter Becker Community, 800 Maple Ave, Harleysville 19438

Health Objective: ECBP-10 Community-Based Primary Prevention Services

Block Grant Funding: 100% - total source funding

Issue:  Falls are the leading cause of injury-related emergency department visits for older adults; they are a major cause of hip fractures and responsible for more than half of fatal head injuries. Despite common acceptance, falls do not have to be a part of the aging process.

Intervention:  A Matter of Balance teaches older adults how to prevent or reduce the occurrence of falls through eight, two-hour class sessions. Classes incorporate light exercises designed to strengthen key muscle groups and improve flexibility and also creates discussion and strategies on topics such as assertiveness, home safety, and cognitive restructuring. A Matter of Balance was offered to residents of the Peter Becker Community in Harleysville through a partnership between the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, Indian Valley YMCA, and the Peter Becker Community.fran-MOB

Impact:  A Matter of Balance helps to increase strength, stability and a sense of confidence among participants. A Matter of Balance not only assists in preventing injuries, but helps reduce the fear of falling and restores quality of life for many participants through problem-solving situations they may have previously avoided due to concerns about falls.

Quotes: “A Matter of Balance equipped me with the means to take charge of my life and my health. For instance, I was afraid to attend my family’s annual apple picking event this year. I worried the event might be too physically taxing. I know that my strength and balance have improved since participating in MOB but the class has also helped me to assert my needs in order to prevent falls. I decided to ask a friend to accompany me on my family outing and help me to navigate the apple orchard. Thanks to MOB, I am confident that I will maintain my independence, continue to do the things I love and work on my balance daily.”

- Fran Eisele