Community Health Programs

Outlook and Focus

Montgomery County Office of Public Health, Division of Health Promotion; is managed and administered by the Office of Community Information and Education (OCIE).  

Focus: Long term and sustainable improvements in population health.

  • Integrate physical activity every day in every way
  • Strengthen schools as part of health and safety
  • Make healthy food choices available everywhere
  • Market what matters for a safe and healthy life
  • Activate employers to empower the health and safety of all employees

Activities:  Effective in the community, organizations, schools, and worksites.

  • Communication – Raising awareness through verbal and written strategies
  • Social media, website, radio, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Education – Empowering behavior change and actions through increased knowledge.
  • Planned learning activities, workshops, demonstrations, etc.
  • Policy, Systems, and Environmental changes (PSE) – Making systematic changes
  1. Policy – Improve laws, rules, regulations
  2. Systems – Improve functional organizational components
  3. Environment – Improved economic, social, or physical environment

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