County Transportation Program (CTP)

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Press Release: Seventeen Municipal Projects Receive Montgomery County Transportation Program Grants


Montgomery County has a new grant program that uses revenues from the $5 County Vehicle Registration Fee to expand the reach of transportation investment and achieve the goals of the county’s comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision. Approximately $1 million will be available each year to fund transportation projects throughout the county. The 2018 round of grants assist municipalities in matching PennDOT’s Green Light-Go program funding.


Pennsylvania’s 2013 transportation funding law (Act 89) contains a provision that authorizes counties to add $5 to each annual vehicle registration to fund critical county infrastructure.  The money can only be used for the maintenance and improvements of roads, bridges, and traffic signals.  Montgomery County enacted this resolution in September 2016 and collects nearly $3 million each year to support the repair of county-owned roads and bridges, and fund the County Transportation Program.


  • Only municipalities may submit applications.
  • Applications for more than one project should be submitted individually.
  • No more than two grant awards may go to a single municipality in one program year.

2018 GRANT Cycle 

In November 2018, the Montgomery County Commissioners announced that 17 projects in 13 municipalities across the county will receive County Transportation Program (CTP) grants for the 2018 selection cycle. These grants, which total $968,361.50 across the thirteen municipalities, are the first to be made under the CTP. Municipalities were invited to apply during the first cycle for funds to match their own local matching contributions to approved PennDOT Green Light-Go projects from the last two years. The Green Light-Go program provides funds for traffic signal upgrades and improvements, from replacement of signal mast arms, controllers, and fixtures, to installation of fiber optic interconnections connecting the signals to regional traffic management systems, to pedestrian facility upgrades and accommodations. Projects were evaluated in terms of impact on the traveling public’s commute, county and local planning consistency, project readiness, funding support, and how the grant award savings will be utilized on other projects by a committee consisting of Montgomery County Planning Commission and Transportation Authority Board members and interdepartmental county staff. The grant will be distributed as a reimbursement for eligible costs as the work is performed. 

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