Our Impact

Providing a Safe Space to Feel Heard

Purpose of Contact

A woman and her children recently moved to the Montgomery County area from Florida. As a survivor of domestic violence, the consumer reached out to Community Connections after learning about the program through the Office of Public Health. She was looking for a range of services to help in her battle with depression and suicidal ideation, her physical disabilities, D&A issues, and resources for her children.

Assistance Provided

Navicate Tori provided a safe space and empathic ear that allowed the consumer to feel comfortable sharing her needs. She was able to link the consumer to an array of services including the Women’s Bridge Center, the Recovery Learning Center, SOAR to receive disability advocate, AA and NA groups, and Mitzvah Circle for clothes and items for herself and children.

Consumer Outcome

The consumer has been able to receive services from all of the resources Navicate Tori connected her with and has continued to reach out and update Community Connections on her progress. The consumer expressed her appreciation for working with a program that treated her in a non-judgmental way and has been sharing the program with other folks she meets through the resources with which she is involved. “I already see that Community Connections is a beautiful thing to the community.” - CH

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