Our Impact

Linking a New Montco REsident to Local REsources

Purpose of Contact

An older gentleman whose wife passed away 3 years ago, recently moved to Montgomery County to be closer to his daughter and family. The consumer got in contact with Community Connections looking for counseling services as well as places where he can socialize with others.

Assistance Provided

The Navicate discussed with the consumer potential resources that would meet his needs. The Navicate connected the consumer with the Lincoln Center for Family & Youth’s Elder Victim Mobile Support program for counseling, as well as the local YMCA and senior center for socialization. Since his initial conversation with the Navicate, the consumer has continued to stay in touch with Community Connections to give updates on how he is doing with the resources that were provided, as well as to link with other services for additional needs he has identified.

Consumer Outcome

“I had no experience with any government agency in my life. I came here and didn’t know anyone. I connected with (Navicate) by chance. She was so nice and helpful, and has been incredible. The experience has helped to change my whole situation; it’s a big deal. With Montgomery County, it’s incredible. I never imagined that there would be programs and people like this who can help out. I would absolutely recommend others folks to contact Community Connections.” –Richard, age 79

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