Ombudsman is a Swedish word meaning Citizen Representative. Have you ever had a question or needed something and didn't know where to turn? What if a familiar face showed up on a regular basis to offer help? Did you know 60% of consumers residing in long-term care facilities never receive a visitor.

As an Ombudsman, you could be that familiar face for a person living in a nursing home or personal care home. If you enjoy visiting with and assisting others, and have 1-2 hours a week you'd like to donate, consider joining the Ombudsman Team.

Ombudsmen are trained advocates for consumers of long-term care services who can help with consumer / family visitation, consumer education, and who can serve as mentors and volunteer team leaders.

After completing training, you may:

  • Visit with consumers of long-term care services.
  • Educate consumers, families and long-term care providers of their rights.
  • Investigate concerns and assist with resolution.

To volunteer, call Aging and Adult Services Offices at 610-278-3601.