Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

All information is as of May 14, 2019


All interested parties should contact Housing & Community Development (610) 278-3540 to be placed on the waiting list.

Waiting List

Current list (as of above date) has a waiting period of approximately 2-3 years. This depends on annual funding level. There are no “emergency funds”.

Eligible Property

Must be located within Montgomery County. EXCLUDES properties located in Abington Township, Conshohocken Borough, Limerick Township, Lower Merion Township, Norristown Borough and Marlborough Township. Property owners in these 6 municipalities should contact their local township for available rehab programs.

Income Limits

2018 Income limits (this updates annually)

Family/Household Size Maximum Income
1 person $48,950
2 person $55,950
3 person $62,950
4 person $69,900
5 person $75,500
6 person $81,100
7 person $86,700
8 person $92,300

Allowable Rehab

Up to $45,000 for:

  • Heater system, furnace, and hot water replacement.
  • Repair of structural deficiencies that could lead to the collapse of roofs, floors, ceilings, stairs and/or framing.
  • Repair of plumbing system failures such as cracked potable water or sanitary lines.
  • Correction of electrical deficiencies that could result in shock or fire.
  • Correction of security deficiencies such as the replacement of exterior doors and windows.
  • Lateral connections to water and sanitary sewer extensions imposed by a local water authority or government.


Eight year lien placed on property. Property must remain owner-occupied. Full repayment of loan due should property be sold or vacated as primary residence within 8 years.