The OPTIONS Program provides assessment, care management and in-home services to aging and disabled adults who are experiencing some degree of frailty in their physical or mental health status. Potential consumers for this program may be considering nursing facility care or other placement options, but would prefer to remain at home.

OPTIONS Services

We will assess the need for and the best way to provide services and care management of persons over 60 years of age who request a variety of home and community-based services, including:

  • Personal Care
  • Home Support
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Transportation
  • Home Health
  • Emergency Response System
  • Medical Supplies

Care management is provided to all individuals receiving OPTIONS services. The care manager works with the individual and, if necessary, his/her family to determine the individual’s needs and how those needs should be met. A care plan is developed and implemented with the input of the consumer. The care manager orders the services and stays in contact with the individual receiving the services and the service provider to ensure that the services are being provided as ordered and that those services are effective in meeting the individual’s needs. 

Cost Sharing

OPTIONS Consumers are required to share in the cost of their services. The cost share fee is based on the consumer’s income and the amount of services received. 


OPTIONS consumers are over age 60 and are having difficulty managing their activities of daily living (ADL). 

Contact us for Information

Montgomery County Office of Aging & Adult Services Intake and Referral - 610-278-3601


Options Program Brochure
Elder Abuse Hotline - 1-800-734-2020