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Tours are limited to single family groups every hour (a group is one or more people), preferably four or fewer in any one group. Larger family groups may be split into two smaller groups. Tours are of the first floor only. Everyone must register if they would like a house tour. Drop-ins are not accepted. Even if you are visiting onsite for another program you are required to register for a house tour.

To register, call 610-584-5104
or email: peterwentzfarmstead@montcopa.org 


Register for our monthly program email blasts!

Photo of Norristown Farm Park at night

Saturday, August 13 at 2:00 pm
Shadows of the Past at the Norristown Farm Park

Join the Peter Wentz Farmstead's Museum Educator, Carly Schmidt,  for a deep dive into the history of the Norristown Farm Park, from its origins as Lenape land to its role in agricultural production in the early 19th century. Hear fascinating stories from the Norristown State Hospital with its pioneering physicians and their controversial methods. This is an indoor program with a PowerPoint.

Adults only; free. Email rblacketter@montcopa.org to register.


Nature Programs

For programs below, please email Rebecca at rblacketter@montcopa.org for registration or questions. Meeting location provided once you register.

Friday, August 12 8:15pm
Glow Hike

Come enjoy a walk under the darkness of night. Listen and look for many creatures. Discover how some critters glow under UltraViolet Light. UV flashlight will be provided, limited number available. If you have your own please bring it. 

All ages; FreeUltraviolet image of a grub



We hope to be able to offer onsite field-trips again soon! To book an appointment (subject to cancellation), discuss COVID requirements, and other details please contact peterwentzfarmstead@montcopa.org to inquire.


Are you interested in a fieldtrip or event for your class, venue, or meeting? In-person outreach is currently on hold due to COVID regulations, but virtual outreach is possible via Zoom. Please contact us at peterwentzfarmstead@montcopa.org to inquire.


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