Wentz Events


2030 Shearer Road
Lansdale, PA 19446


Peter Wentz Farmstead is open.


Tours are limited to single family groups every hour, preferably four or fewer. Larger family groups may be split into two smaller groups. Tours are of the first floor only. Registration required: 610-584-5104 or peterwentzfarmstead@montcopa.org.


A Soldier's Life (Saturday, October 17th, 11 am - 3 pm EST)
Join a Revolutionary War reenactor as he shares stories and information about what it takes to be a patriot in Washington's army.
Cost: free. Please give us a call if you plan to attend: 610-584-5104 or peterwentzfarmstead@montcopa.org.

Road to the Vote (Premiers on Facebook October 24th, 7 pm EST)
Historians share exciting stories of the women's rights movement, from the 18th century through the suffrage movement. 
Cost: free. Follow this link for information: Road to the Vote.

Fieldtrips & Digital Engagement
Please check our Facebook page, our Instagram page, and this website for updates on our virtual fieldtrips and craft videos. We post 2-4 blog posts or videos a week on Facebook. In Fall 2020 we plan to roll out virtual fieldtrips for people who can't visit in person.
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