Community Service Unit

Community Service Unit

The Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to Balanced and Restorative Justice, which includes holding the juvenile offender accountable for their actions by restoring the victim and protecting the community. To accomplish this, the Community Service Unit provides youth with sites or community service projects throughout Montgomery County to fulfill their court ordered obligations and enhance their connection and involvement with the community.

The Community Service Coordinator matches youth with an appropriate site to complete court or informally ordered community service hours based on their offense, level of risk and juveniles age and abilities. Community service allows a youth to give back to the community in a meaningful way and restore the harm that was done. Youth will learn skills such as filling out an application, interviewing, communication, retail, sports management, team building, and empathy. Community service can also be completed in lieu of paying financial obligations to the court such as fines, fees and restitution. The sites the Juvenile Probation Department use are non-profit organizations such as public libraries, fire departments, food pantries, YMCAs, and athletic facilities.

The Work Crew Coordinator is able to supervise 3-4 youth at a time to complete projects throughout Montgomery County. Projects may include park restoration, painting park benches, park clean-up, landscaping, washing of fire vehicles and cleaning of fire stations as well as working with local art centers setting up for art exhibitions and concerts. This opportunity allows the juvenile to complete their community service hours at a quicker rate as transportation is provided and supervised by the Juvenile Probation Department.

Any youth under Juvenile Court jurisdiction can or may be ordered to participate in community service.

Youth are typically assigned 15 to 100 hours of community service dependent on the seriousness of the offense, the juvenile’s abilities and age.   In 2019, juveniles under supervision completed 12,392 hours.

Should you or your organization be interested in collaborating with the Juvenile Probation Department in terms of offering community service opportunities please contact Tim Carroll or Jay Viola.

Community Service Coordinator
Tim Carroll
215-784-5406, ext. 5433

Work Crew Coordinator
Jason Viola
215-784-5406, ext. 4184

Community Service & Work Crew Supervisor
 Kimberly Lukens