Honor Guard

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard is a highly trained unit, which is called upon to perform ceremonious and patriotic tributes at numerous public events.  These events include dedications, memorials, funerals, parades and other official events.  The unit can perform specific drills, including posting colors, special close quarter drills, rifle manual, flag ceremonies, all tailored for each occasion.

Honor Guard duty requires its members to have high ethical standards, and to be highly dedicated and motivated.  The members of the Honor Guard are required to maintain exceptional standards of appearance and conduct, both on and off duty.  All members have a specific aptitude for ceremonial duty and movements.  The Honor Guard trains bi-monthly, and is subject to team inspection drills of gear and uniforms.

The Honor Guard has 13 full-time members, consisting of the unit's commander, Lt. McDonald, two corporals, and 10 deputy sheriffs.

Under the training and leadership of Cpl. Cullin, who began working with the Honor Guard in 2014; the unit has improved greatly in appearance, training and professionalism, making them one of the strongest Honor Guard units in the area.  Cpl. Burke and Dep. Petriga also assist Cpl. Cullin with ensuring the Honor Guard performs at its best level.

Some of the events where the Honor Guard has presented are:  Montgomery County's Hero Plaque dedication, the Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police Memorial Ceremony, Columbus Day celebration at the Columbus memorial in Norristown, Conshohocken St. Patrick's Day Parade, Pennsylvania Sheriff's and Deputy Sheriff's Training Graduation, the Triange Club, and Norristown's Fourth of July Parade.

If you are interested in having the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard present at an event, please contact Lt. McDonald at tmcdonal@montcopa.org or Cpl. Cullin at tcullin@montcopa.org.

Honor Guard Unit Members

  • Commanding Officer, Lt. McDonald
  • Second in Command, Cpl. Burke
  • Dep. Gonzalez
  • Dep. Kern
  • Dep. Lukens
  • Dep. Noto
  • Dep. Peters
  • Supervisor in Charge, Cpl. Cullin
  • Senior Deputy in Charge, Dep. Petriga
  • Dep. Huff
  • Dep. Krasley
  • Dep. Metz
  • Dep. Oelschlager