Limerick Generating Station

Limerick Nuclear Generation Facility                                                                                                          

Limerick Generating Station
Limerick Generating Station, located in Limerick Township, is a two-unit nuclear generation facility capable of producing enough electricity for more than 1 million homes. The plant site is punctuated by two natural-draft hyperbolic cooling towers, each 507 feet tall, which help cool the plant.
Limerick's two boiling water reactors, designed by General Electric, are each capable of producing 1,143 net megawatts. Unit 1 began commercial operation in February 1986, with Unit 2 going on-line in January 1990.

Emergency Planning

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety Office of Emergency Management assists the 21 municipalities that comprise the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) with emergency planning concerning the Limerick Generating Station. 

As governed by Title 35, each municipality is required to have an emergency operations plan (EOP). Those municipalities that are included in the EPZ of a nuclear power plant must also have a radiological emergency response plan (RERP) as an annex to their EOP.

The RERP is continually updated and all responding agencies receive training yearly and exercise the plan biannually to ensure readiness. View the 2017-2018 Emergency Planning Brochure for the Limerick area. 

Siren Tests

There are two types of siren tests conducted in communities surrounding Limerick Generating Station:

Semi-Annual Test: This two-minute sounding of the siren occurs at 2:00 p.m. on the first Monday in June and first Monday in December.

Monthly Test: This abbreviated sounding of the siren occurs at 2:00 p.m. on the first Monday of every month, except June and December. The approximately one-second long "growl" sound of the siren may or may not be heard.