Friday, February 1st thru Friday, January 31, 2020

“Family Roots”

Family history is important to many people, and certainly was to Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker. Researching the past can reveal fascinating information about one’s ancestors. Samuel spend years researching his family lines and the exhibit will feature his paternal line back to the arrival of Hendrick Pannebecker in Pennsylvania in 1698 and his marriage to Eve Umstat. The exhibit will highlight artifacts and information that Samuel collected on these family members, along with the stories on how he obtained his information in an era without a computer or telephone. It will also contain tips on how one can do their own family research.

All ages; free, included on all tours. 

           "War Comes to the Mills"

Exhibit from June 15th through October 10, 2019

Two hundred and forty-two years ago, Samuel and Hannah Pannebecker along with their four children and his mother, witnessed the Revolutionary Army of 8,000 men encamped on their property for four days in September 1777, only to see the army return in defeat, and spend another four days in October. To recognize this event, Pennypacker Mills is holding an exhibit from June 15 through October 10, 2019. It will be in what later generations of the Pennypacker family referred to as the Washington Bedroom.

George Washington arrived at Pennypacker Mills with his army of 8,000 men on September 26th, 1777. That same day, the British occupied Philadelphia. Washington had his aide de camps write over 30 orders for him for outlining troop movements and the need for supplies, especially shoes. It was here that Washington held a Council of War to determine if they should immediately attack the British Army. It was also here that the troops celebrated the victory at Saratoga by the northern army. The army left on September 29th in order to move closer to the enemy. Washington decided to attack the British forces at Germantown on October 4th. After four hours of fighting, a retreat took place and it was determined to go back to their old campground at Pennypacker Mills. Defenses were set up on the property and on October 8th the troops left the property.

This exhibit will feature human interest stories that occurred on the property during the encampment and items relating to the campaign including an order signed by George Washington, maps, a soldier’s leather collar, a muster roll of a regiment, along with cannon and musket balls found on the property. Also featured in this exhibit are two Bibles published by Christopher Sauer in Germantown in 1776. When the British occupied Philadelphia on September 26, 1777 many of the sheets were at the binder and the British troops used the pages for bedding for their horses and to make cartridges for their muskets, hence giving it the name the Gun Wad Bible. This exhibit is only up for four months and is located in the Washington Bedroom on the second floor of the mansion. It is included on all tours as is the exhibit “Family Roots” which is located in the two second floor exhibit galleries.
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