Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans Court

  Duties of the Register

Welcome to the Montgomery County Register of Wills / Orphans’ Court website. Our office probates wills and processes intestate estates (estates without wills). The office is also agent for the commonwealth in the collection of inheritance taxes.

Accounts by personal representatives of estates are filed with our office. Certificates necessary for the transfer of estate assets are also issued by our office.

As clerk of the Orphans’ Court, our office issues marriage licenses and has charge of the Orphans’ Court dockets. Petitions for adoptions are filed in our office. The register of wills also keeps the records of all persons born in Montgomery County between 1893 and 1915. Birth records of persons born after 1915 are kept on file with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

About Our Site

On this site you will find documents and forms for many of our services, as well as the contact information for the staff, should you have any questions. Thank you for visiting the register of wills / Orphans’ Court website.

About the Register of Wills

The register of wills has jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the granting of letters of administration. The office is also agent for the state in the collection of inheritance taxes, averaging more than $80 million annually.

Accounts of administrators and executors are received by the register of wills. Certified copies of wills and short certificates for the transfer of certain securities are issued as required by law.