Appliances Containing Freon

Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and water coolers contain ozone depleting refrigerants (CFCs / Freon) that must be removed by a certified professional.

Large and small appliances containing Freon like full size refrigerators, freezers, and large air conditioning units, as well as dehumidifiers, water coolers, air conditioners and mini-refrigerators should be taken to a Freon certified handler.  Some sites charge a fee. Drop-off sites and pick up service include:

The Junkluggers Recycling Ctr.
Sullivan's Scrap Metal

Emert Recycling

Joe Mattero Recycling

Montgomery County
Retrievr (Removal service for a fee)

Morello Inc. Towing & Metal Recycling
               John Miller & Son, Inc. Recycling

               Perkasie (Bucks County)
               Perkasie Fire Company

                Safe Disposal

 Grace Computers (Drop off appliances & Freon contained appliances) 
                 Shulberger’s, Inc.

                  Refrigerant Recovery and Equipment Recycling Company

                  Upper Moreland
                  611 Metals - (Drop Off-Appliances and Freon contained appliances,
                  scrap metals, car & truck batteries and computers).

PECO  OR CALL 1-888-573-2672
PECO will remove and pay you for working refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners.