What Residents Are Saying About Us

Resident who used Willow Grove Office

“I spoke with Theresa Rines about several things that I’ve been struggling with. Never heard of your program before but came across a flyer in an elevator and stop to see (never hurts to check out things). I was so glad I did. She listened to my concerns and questions and began working on them right on the spot. She either answered them and/or got answers immediately by emails and phone calls. I have been running around getting so frustrated by not getting answers that helped until that day. It was so refreshing to know that my concerns truly meant something to someone else.”

Resident who was Referred by the Health Department

"The school nurse sent us a number of letters reminding us for getting the vaccination done for the new academic year and also some of the ones that were pending. The minimum fee for shots was $ 100 and in my case the figure rose to $ 400. This was definitely beyond my means. I spoke to people and they directed me to Health department Willow Grove office. The office cooperated with us.

A lady, in the health department, Willow Grove, handed me a flyer with “Community Connections” written in bold. She also suggested me to see some Ms Teresa Rhines for any further assistance, in case we needed. We were in great need of reaching out to relevant community members in Montgomery County and had very little knowledge about them. We went down to the office of Community Connections where we were received so warmly and our concerns were listened to.

In my assessment, Community Connections goes beyond its stated goals in helping/supporting/comforting community members. Its leadership and team members offered us support in many ways: legal, social, educational and more importantly making us feel home in our new surroundings. For me, Community Connections is an extraordinarily well-knit/cohesive social network practicing high levels of ethical standards and compassion-in-action.

I don’t know if I can ever thank enough such wonderful people at Montgomery County especially the program of Community Connections."