YAP Volunteer Information

The Montgomery County Youth Aid Program (YAP) depends upon volunteers serving as community panelists. There are over 200 volunteers currently active in Youth Aid Panels throughout the County who donate their valuable time and efforts to the program. Volunteers serve at the sole discretion of the District Attorney.

YAP Volunteers MUST:

Hold United States citizenship;

Be 18 years of age or older;

Reside in Montgomery County for at least one year; and

Pass screening by the District Attorney’s Office for any criminal or child abuse history.

Participate in 15 hours of training courses;

Attend all monthly YAP meetings; and

Commit to at least one year of service

YAP volunteers MAY NOT:

Otherwise be involved in law enforcement activities

Hold the position of a school official;

Hold an elected or appointed public office; or

Have a prior criminal or child abuse record.

Should you wish to participate, please submit the Youth Aid Panel volunteer application or email da.yap@montcopa.org for further information