How Do I Obtain Copies?

NOTE: Our office does not retain original documents. Once recorded, the original document is returned as per filer instructions. Original deeds are generally given to the grantee at settlement. Often times the deed is included in a packet of material with title insurance and usually begins with "This Indenture . . .".  

There are several ways to get a copy of a document from our office.

1. Come into our office. We have computers available for you to search for documents.
A. Copies: $0.50 per page
B. Certified copy: $1.50 additional
C. Act 278 Copies: $3.00 per page
D. UCC copies: $2.00 per page
E. UCC certification: $28.00
F. UCC information search: $12.00
G. Full-Size Plan: $5.00 per sheet

2. Have a copy mailed to you. To have a document mailed, you must make the request in writing, enclose $5.00 for a regular copy or $10.00 for a certified copy and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. For all documents greater than 15 pages, there is an additional charge of $0.50 per page. Please visit our Public Access System or Historical Land Records System to determine page count, and obtain as much of the following information as possible to include with your request:
A. Owner’s Name
B. Address (including township/borough/municipality)
C. County Parcel Identification Number
D. Book and Page number of the document.

3. Print a Certified Copy from our website in PDF format from your computer for $10.50. Visit the Public Access System (documents from 1972-present) for more details. You will need to set up a User Name and Password. If your document is prior to 1972, visit the Historical Land Records System, which has a $.30 cents per minute search fee and $.50 per page printing fee.
Please note: These databases are designed to work best on the Internet Explorer browser with Java plug in. You will not be able to search or access these databases from your mobile device or tablet.

4. Database Subscription to our online Public Access System or Historical Land Records. We offer a subscription service for regular users of our online databases. Each database subscription is $250.00 per month and $ .50 cents a page to print. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription for either database, please call our office for details.

If you have any further questions regarding copies, please contact our office at: 610-278-3289.