Plan Recording Info


  • Montgomery County Planning Commission Approval

  • Parcel Sticker from Registry Office in Board of Assessments Office

  • All Parcel Numbers must be CLEARLY written on document

  • Ownership must be noted

  • Equitable Owner or Owner of Record must sign off and be acknowledged

  • Ownership Line should be separate from the acknowledgment,
    • Corporations and Limited Partnerships MUST state the Company Name PLUS have the person sign with TITLE on Ownership Line

  • Full Notary acknowledgment MUST match the information on the Ownership Line:
    • Person’s name if individual, OR
    • Person’s name, title and name of company if corporation or partnership

  • MUST have township/borough approval:
    • Within 90 days of date noted, OR
    • Original 90 day letter, stating past 90 days with approval to record, MUST be attached

  • Plans must be SCANNABLE and LEGIBLE throughout and CANNOT be folded

  • Preferably plans should be submitted on paper; however we will accept Mylar

  • Plans must be 24” x 36"