Human Services

Aging and Adult Services
The MCAAS network of services and programs is available for older and disabled county residents to help them remain as independent as possible. MCAAS connects consumers to important programs such as care management, in-home services, information and referral, caregiver support programs, protective services, ombudsman services, senior center services, comprehensive assessments, adult daily living centers, and other services and programs which assist county residents as part of a comprehensive continuum of care to improve lives for low-income adults, families, and the elderly within Montgomery County.

Behavioral Health/Developmental Disabilities
The Department of BH/DD manages a variety of services that provide eligible individuals supportive services. These services address needs related to mental health, drug and alcohol, developmental disabilities and early childhood development. Eligibility is determined through assessment and evaluation in compliance to County, State and Federal guidelines. Services may include mental health counseling and support services; developmental disabilities training and vocational programs, employment services, Early Intervention assessment and therapies; drug and alcohol prevention, intervention and treatment and Office of Behavioral Health oversight of Health Choices funding.

Child Day Care Services
The Office of Child Day Care Services through the Child Care Information Service (CCIS) manages the child care subsidy program for Montgomery County residents. This includes determining family eligibility, setting up agreements & making payments to providers. County residents can receive assistance in locating child care through the provision of information and counseling. The Montgomery County Court Care Program offers free, drop-in child care in a 4 Keystone Star program located across from the Court House. The service is available to individuals who have business with the County Courts & related offices.

Veterans Affairs
The Veterans Affairs Department provides information to Montgomery County veterans, their dependents and survivors, regarding their rights and the various County, State and Federal benefits they may be entitled to receive and assists them to apply for these benefits. In addition, the department records and maintains the County's veterans' grave registration records.

Office of Children and Youth
The department helps families improve home conditions which impact safety and stability for children. Services include information and referral, child protection, in-home supports, foster care and placement services and permanency services, including adoption. The department works closely with other human services to assist families in accessing supports needed so that children are able to achieve their full potential. Couples/individuals are needed to provide temporary care to children and to work with birth parents until children who are in temporary foster care can be reunited with family.

The Department of Economic and Workforce Development oversees many local economic and workforce programs, including those that stimulate business in the county and aid residents who are seeking jobs. Expertise is provided to companies looking to expand and/or relocate here as well as to residents seeking to upgrade and enhance their skills. Business resources, education and workforce partnerships, youth programs, industry partnerships, job seeker resources and the County's Careerlink office are managed by the department.

Health Department
The Health Department protects the public’s health and maintains public health codes. Public health services include: diagnose and investigate health problems and health hazards in the community; educate and empower people about health issues; enforce laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety. To fulfill these services we offer STD and HIV testing, restaurant inspections, septic system and well monitoring, disease investigation, childhood immunizations, health education and other services. All services are free to Montgomery County residents.

Housing and Community Development
The department provides programs related to housing, economic and community development. Services support first time home buyers, emergency shelters, affordable housing, investment partnerships, own occupied rehabilitation and more. We work with municipalities; local non-profit agencies; other counties, state, and federal departments; developers; and the general public, often in a granter or lender capacity.