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The Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services (MCAAS) is in its 41st year of operation and serves the over 160,000 residents aged 60 and over in Montgomery County, as well as other populations in need of service. We touch the lives of over 45,000 residents each year through a network of services and programs available for older county residents to help them receive home and community based services that allow them to remain as independent as possible while they age. MCAAS also plays a key role in the human services system within Montgomery County by assisting low-income adults, families, and physically disabled adults to achieve self-sufficiency and independence. Our goal is to assist all our county seniors to be safe and healthy and to age successfully in their communities with the supports they need. Please read the following document to understand our plan for the coming years, MCAAS Four Year Plan 2016-2020.
Please call our department at 610-278-3601 for inquiries about any of our services.If you know of an older adult who may be abused or neglected or you are concerned about their well-being, please call our 24/7 protective services hotline at 1-800-734-2020.


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