Community Service (Court-Ordered)

Community service in actionThe District Attorney’s Office often insists that community service be ordered by the Courts as part of a defendant’s sentence, including every defendant admitted into the ARD program and many others who are convicted and sentenced to probation. In 2013, the District Attorney’s Office provided many community service hours to various public-service related organizations within Montgomery County, allowing each group the opportunity to redirect valuable, and often scarce, resources, to other important projects that would otherwise be underfunded or not funded at all. These community service hours serve to benefit our neighborhoods and community in many ways, some more noticeable than others. In 2009, the Christopher Columbus Memorial in Norristown was completely renovated using community service – a prime example of Cort-ordered community service program directly enhancing our County.

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The Office of the District Attorney is dedicated to providing community service that enhances our neighborhoods and community as a whole.The Summer 2009 renovation of the Christopher Columbus Memorial in Norristown, PA provides an example of how Court-ordered community service can benefit our community.

Before & After Pictures of the Christopher Columbus Memorial
Before cleanup
After cleanup

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