Probation Supervision

The Juvenile Probation Department also provides probation supervision to juveniles in our system. When a probation officer is assigned to a juvenile case, they will implement the treatment plan and enforce the rules of probation. They will establish goals for the juvenile and help him or her reach those goals by way of a variety of services and/or referrals to specialized agencies. If the juvenile violates his or her probation, then the probation officer may impose sanctions that can range from additional community service hours to placement in a residential facility.  An assigned probation officer will visit each juvenile on their caseload at least once a month. Depending on the severity of the case and/or a juvenile's needs, it may be necessary for the probation officer to visit the juvenile more frequently.

Probation officers generally visit the juveniles at their home, at school, and their places of employment. While a juvenile is on probation, the probation officer will offer a juvenile and his or her family crisis intervention, counseling, job development, drug testing, mediation, and evaluations.