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Montgomery County has used the Sequoia AVC Advantage® voting machines since 1996. We are one of the earliest counties in the nation to utilize a direct recording electronic (DRE) machine.

The Advantage has a full-faced ballot display whose single page style means no scrolling through ballot pages. A square next to the candidate’s name or referendum question is pressed when making a selection. Write-in votes are done simply by using a keyboard below the ballot display.

The voter is able to view his entire selection before pressing the cast vote button.

The Advantage is wheelchair accessible and offers audio voting technology for visually impaired voters.

It is also important to note that Montgomery County voting is completely secure because it is a closed system that allows no external access to the programming. Not only have the machines been thoroughly tested, but Montgomery County has been willing to meet with any person or group concerned about the security of the voting machines.

Casting a vote on the Sequoia AVC Advantage voting machine:

Step 1: Enter the booth. Lighted arrows will appear next to each office.

Step 2: Select a candidate by pressing the square to the right of your choice. An arrow will appear next to the name. To change a selection, press the square again. The arrow will disappear and you may make another choice.

Step 3: Vote the entire ballot, if desired. After all the selections are made, then press the Cast Vote button in the lower right hand corner. The lights will turn off and a tone will sound to signal that your vote has been cast. Exit the booth.

Casting a write-in vote on the Sequoia AVC Advantage:

Step 1: Press the Write-In Square for the chosen office.

Step 2: The arrow will flash. The arrow will continue flashing until the write-in is complete or until the square is pressed a second time to deselect the write-in.

Step 3: Using the write-in keypad below the ballot, key in the name you wish to write-in. You will see the letters appear in the window to the left of the keypad.

Step 4: If you make an error on a write-in, press the left arrow key to move back. To make a space, press the right arrow key.

Step 5: When you are finished keying the name, press Enter on the write-in keypad.